Best way to mod may xbox?

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    Okay so I have my 360 just laying around ever since..

    Background info:
    I got the 360 flashed by a "friend" with the firmware that also supported the use of a boot disc to bypass wave checks (you know what I'm talking about).
    Problem is I dont have my drive key.
    I didnt really care about xbox live so i just let m$ ban the console.
    One day I tried to play Street Fighter x Tekken and in my excitement I agreed to let the game update the console. After the update, I presume my drive got reflashed cause it didnt play any of my back ups anymore.. but it still reads original discs.

    SOOOOO my dilemma is what would be the best way to get my xbox working again? flash it again? or an ODDE? I have lots of backed up disc which I wouldnt mind being able to use again but an ODDE sounds nice too as long as I could still use my save games in the xbox. I just want to hear someone's opinion before I go off buying the equipments needed.. Thanks guys, first time posting here since a long time. cheers.
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    Personally, I'd go get it RGH'd/R-JTAGged (if it's a Falcon or above)

    You'll be able to plonk in a new HDD (Max 2TB) and transfer your saves to it.
    As well as back up every game you have to the internal drive.
    Along with that, XBLA, XBLindie, Xbox1 games etc are playable + you got access to some emulators.