Best Way To Backup Wii/Gamecube Games

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by WiiFit_Guy, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. WiiFit_Guy

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    Jan 10, 2015
    New to the Wii Softmodding and I have a few questions to ask. Any help is appreciated!

    1) I recently just softmodded my Nintendo Wii. It took my a while to get USB Loader GX working alright, had to play with the cIOS and re dump my game a few times to get things working. Though I must say I had to re dump Wii Sports (the first game) 3 or 4 times to get the best clean version where there was no freezes and stalls. (I used USB Loader GX to dump the game via WBFS Format). My question is, which is the most reliable and clean way to dump a game? Would it be better through WBFS by ripping through USB Loader GX or just use Clean Rip 2.0 by emukidid?

    2) When I get a new USB stick or hdd, I plan on backing up the Gamecube games as well. Now I hear Dios Mios is one alternative, but I hear its a hassle to use and must reinstall the wad if you want to go back to playing retail discs. I see people here really recommended Nintendon't.

    I was just thinking of maybe ripping games through Clean Rip 2.0 and then just putting the iso to a regular DVD-R and possible putting 3 or 4 games on that disc since Gamecube games are about 1 Gigabyte in size anyways. Then I would use Neogamma to play the games. Would that be possible?

    What is the best way to play backup Gamecube games? Also best way of backing up Gamecube games?

  2. ShadowOne333

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    Jan 17, 2013
    Found the thread. :P

    Ok let me start:
    1. CleanRip is a much better option for 1:1 ISO dumps. I used it for my Gamecube backups and some Wii ones too, I recommend that one.
      If that one fails, Wiiflow also has a disc dump option, but my guess is that it would be the same result as USB Loader GX. It is still worth the shot though.
    2. Forget about Dios Mios or Devolution, those are not an option. Go for Nintendont, it has a high compatibility list and a whole lot of options for controllers and updates almost everyday.
      Also, in the last month or two Nintendont added the possibility to play with Multi-disc ISOS, which means discs with multiple GC games in it.
      I used Neogamma back in the day, it's a good option too in case you struggle with Nintendont a little bit, although I highly doubt it since I never had any issues with it.
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