Hacking Been out of it. Where to begin?


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Jan 7, 2015
Hi guys,

I've been away from the whole flashcart/CFW scene for a while now and just popping back into this again. I've have done quite a bit of reading but it's very overwhelming and I was hoping you guys could help me get back on track.

I have a GW red card, just finished setting Menuhax and am currently re-setting up emunand and updating it. (Seen a few posts advising it's okay to update emunand - if not I'll just recreate emunand). My knowledge of the scene extends to the time when emunand 9.5 came out and 9.2 sysnand had just become supported by GW.

I've seen a lot of other posts regarding something called A9LH? I'm not entirely sure what this is but a lot of people seem to have it?

Currently have an O3DSXL and a N3DSXL but messing around with my O first before the N. It seems there are different ways to now run the exploits but could someone clarify?

I have done quite a bit of reading in the newbies section and am still quite baffled as I'm not sure on the best part to pick up from. Maybe it'd be best to visit everything from scratch and do my own research?

Any help is appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

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