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    Hey there,

    First off I'd like to extend my gratitude towards wiigator and everyone else who has contributed to making the backup loader and helping others get it to work. You guys are awesome.

    I used djtaz's zip file and followed his guide to get everything set up. I'm using backup launcher 0.3 and when I load a game I've found it works perfectly the first time or three then it always gives me that scrambled error "no dvd extend" (can't really make out what it says) over the loading screen and refuses to load the game. I have had this same problem with both games I've tried so I'm thinking it might just be the DVD-R's that I'm using. Before I spring for some better media, I was wondering if anyone could let me know if there's any other way to fix this problem. Also, if I do need to buy new media could someone advise me as to the best kind to get; a link would be wonderful.

    Wii version = 3.3U (I safe updated using the included .dol)
    Region = NTSC
    Media = TDK 4.7gb DVD-R, burned at 4x (slowest my burner goes)
    Games = Wii Music (worked about 3 times before giving error) and FFF Chocobo's Dungeon (only worked 1 time)

    If there's any other info I should provide for you to better help me then please let me know. Thanks in advance!

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    Sep 21, 2008
    I used to get that error as soon as my discs got too hot in the drive - left them for an hour and they were fine again.

    I uses Philips DVD-R 16x

    Burn speeds on v0.3 are best at max speed now so dont worry about burning slow any more.

    I think it is your media since its working initially - not much else it can be
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