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    Dec 17, 2009
    [SOLVED] TO ANYONE WHO ARRIVES HERE VIA GOOGLE: Just installing over the game was not enough. The correct way was to completely uninstall it and then reinstall the game, updates and DLC. Your save game will be preserved because it is stored separate from the game,even if you are on emuMMC.

    Hello all,

    after updating to the latest Hekate/Atmosphere (0.11.1) using Kosmos with Sigpatches, my Animal Crossing installed via NSP became corrupt for unknown reasons. I checked for corruption using the system's own tool and it detected a problem, suggesting I re-download. Since I am running this Switch offline, I USB-installed the title and update back, and the game is running smoothly again, however:

    1) the cloud icon still shows above the game and every time I boot it asks to download data.
    2) Checkpoint does not recognize the existence of the game, making me suspicious that the ticket (or whatever is equivalent on the Switch) is not properly present.
    3) EDIT: Just found out local wireless stopped working for this title as well.

    Any fix?

    Thank you!
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