Atelier Totori Plus released before even being announced for localization

Discussion in 'PS Vita - Games & Content' started by FireEmblemGuy, Mar 20, 2013.

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    Bizarre that anyone would release a full-price Vita game without even announcing a localization or release date, but it went up on PSN without any sort of announcement. Even has dual audio, apparently, although I haven't bought the game so I can't confirm that.
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    Perhaps this random image can~
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    It's not on EU PSN I am disappoint.
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    After seeing just the picture, I guessed JRPG and was like (I wants!) but doing a little research in google and review reading and such I can only add up to two things. This game feels like a love it or hate it. Again I don`t own it and want to know what ppl who played it think but there has been mention of this game being more of a find items to do alchemy while you are on your main story quest. Game seems to end in or around 3 years from what I read and can make the game specific to just replay the game on new game + feature to keep going from where you left off sort of. Anyone with this game so far beat or hit the 3 year limit know more about this? if you keep most of your items and skill/level of alchemy and so on? also want to know how the battle system is :3 the game looks interesting but can`t buy it just yet~ haven`t updated my vita since 1.81 came out.
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    well as the plus in the name vaguely implies it is a remake. it was origionally for ps3 so if you got a ps3 i say try to find it cheap(last i checked it goes for 20 USD in the us dunno about how much where ya live)

    also this aint the first Atelier game released there are quite a few more with story gameplay varying from title to titl.

    now to the topic i believe it was not announce cause a 3rd party(or would it be 2nd) got hands on it and well the 2nd(or 3rd) just didnt do it right.

    origionally it was ported by NIS(for ps3) but the company bringing the vita remake was Koei Tecmo which are more know for dynasty warriors. so i believe they didnt bother announcing or anything cause its a niche title and they were doubtful theyd break even with it(which if its is the case is still a poor way going about it)
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    Mar 30, 2013
    Makes sense then, why promote something which you think you might not make a lot of but still want to try and sell. It’s possible if what you say about the PS3 part that the game should sell itself for people who played the past games and want to try the plus version. But but~~ I want to know more about the actual game play. Worth it? Not so much? To be honest I want to play it on the vita b/c of train rides and off times outside the house : x not something you see everyday in every country but often here T_T I heard this game focuses more on alchemy then battle though, this true D : ?
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    Niche title, but nice to see another way of getting games over here than just physical. Rarely do full titles get download only releases.

    @Thug: It's on the EU store now for 39.95€.