Assassin's Creed Trilogy [SPOILERS]

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    Well, what do you think that can be done with Assassin's Creed? I mean, it's going to be a trilogy from what I hear, so what can be done?
    I mean, the most you can do in 2 regarding Altaïr would be find out what happened after finding the Piece of Eden, and how Altaïr met his wife or something...
    But then there comes Desmond. Since he suffered "The Bleeding Effect", he has the skills of his Ancestor, Altaïr, which means that he can theoretically be a modern day assassin and stop Abstergo.

    So how do you think the trilogy will play out?
    In my theory, Second would cover Desmond, Vidic and Lucy searching for more Pieces of Eden, Desmond realizes Lucy is actually trying to help him, he must stop Abstergo, so with his newly acquired skills, he kills Vidic and the soldiers sent by Abstergo, along the way obtaining all Pieces of Eden, destroying them once and for all.
    Third would involve the killing of the heads of Abstergo, and destroying the Satellite they set up. Then Desmond gets assassinated by someone from Washington, along with Lucy.

    Third, I honestly couldn't thing of much besides taking down Abstergo.
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    I know this game only as a name. Yesterday I saw the DS game for it and it looked interesting. I'll have to look further into the series.
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    it already is a trilogy.
    Theres Assassins Creed: Altairs Chronicles (DS- prequel)
    Assassins Creed (X360, PS3)
    Assassins Creed Mobile (the sequel)

    although i'm not entirely sure if the mobile game counts...
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    Second game is suspected to be set in Feudal Japan
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    Altair the Ninja.
    I like.
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    I wonder when Jade Raymond is going to come out of her hiding place to generate some hype for the game.