Are the NUS down?

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    I can't download anything with NUS downloader and Ohneschwanzenegger.

    EDIT: Updating the database made it work for NUS downloader, but Ohneschwanzenegger still doesn't work.

    EDIT 2: I should explain everything. My wii had a bluetooth module problem (Couldn't turn the wii on) so I sent it to someone to fix it. he presumably did. I tried to turn it on and I got the bootmii screen. I tried to enter the home screen. Rebooted the wii and this time tried going to hoembrew works! I searched around the internet and came to this topic:
    I tried doing what was recommended to the person who posted the topic but Ohneschwanzenegger will not download the system firmware stuff. Please, I need help.

    EDIT 3: Here is my syscheck:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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