Mr. Prince

Mr. Prince


GBAtemp Advanced Fan, Male, from All Blue

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Feb 10, 2017
Oct 29, 2011
    1. Hidden Gardevoir
      Hidden Gardevoir
      I need your help, do you still have Roxas Tools for Inazuma 11?
      All the links are broken! Please answer ^^

      Sorry if I sound like a stalker ಠ_ಠ
    2. BORTZ
      Glad to see you are still rocking that sig! I was kinda worried when I made it for you, you might be a short lived member! I am glad you are still around!
      1. Mr. Prince likes this.
      2. Mr. Prince
        Mr. Prince
        Hi, Bortz! I was inactive for a year due to school. It's summer vacation right now so I can play video games until I drop. I should probably change your name in my sig cuz you changed it apparently.
        Aug 6, 2015
      3. BORTZ
        No biggie, I might go back to BortzANATOR someday. You know, in the wintertime when I put on my winter weight.
        1 what are you studying in school?
        2 what are you playing now that you arent in school?
        Aug 6, 2015
      4. Mr. Prince
        Mr. Prince
        Just finished high school. Pre-med next year.

        Not a lot of games that came out this year interest me tbh. I'm mostly playing Splatoon, Monster Hunter, Smash bros, Bloodborne, and Fire Emblem games. I also have the Metal Gear legacy collection on the way so I can catch up before the fifth releases, hopefully.
        Aug 6, 2015
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    Thanks to Bortz for the sig.