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    Aug 26, 2020
    United States
    So it's an odd one. I did a region transfer following the guide here (JP to US). It was successful, no problems. So I did the updates and whatnot, and I'm good to go. I open up notifications, but if I press home, it'll show the normal screen "HOME Menu" but will just freeze.

    I read a page where someone had similar issues on here (can't post links unfortunately, too new, but the title of the post is "Exiting apps causes 3DS to crash", posted by FarisMarie)
    I tried a few of the things, but no luck. I tried checking all my hardware bits but it doesn't seem to be the issue, and I did the part where the dude asked him to check that the correct region is set in the hex edit, and it is correct.

    So then I figured maybe I just did something wrong, so I tried the region transfer again. Same issue.

    So THEN I wondered if perhaps it's nothing to do with the region transfer and I just have a busted 3DS. So I restored to the original NAND before I region transferred.....and there's no problems. I can open and close applets with no issue. Weird. So I tried the region transfer again, with all new fresh files...and it's happening again. I thought maybe it's just stalled and will resolve, but it's definitely frozen (Waited 5 mins, no results.)

    Does anyone have any idea how to figure something like this out? It's an odd one.

    Edit just checked, if I close the lid, the screen will turn off, but it looks like the 3DS doesn't actually sleep. It just turns the screen off.
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