Anyone know some good video game novels?


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Nov 21, 2005
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Has there ever been a good tie in novel for a computer game? Indeed do they even happen that often? Granted such things usually join TV show tie in novels and prequels in the books I ignore unless I hear they are exceptional list.

You could go the other way and read a novel a game was based on -- STALKER being based on a fairly legendary sci fi novel Roadside Picnic. Metro 2033 also comes to us from an adaptation (and a quick scan says a later book in the series was inspired by a game sequel). The Witcher series is based on what was then a somewhat obscure outside Poland series of fantasy novels. If you are excited about the Cyberpunk 2020 game then it is based on a tabletop RPG but there are a few tie in novels and some adventures that would probably pass muster as free reading material. If you liked Spec Ops The Line a few years back then it was somewhat based on a book (some might say novella) heart of darkness which is odd enough to be public domain and thus linky ). If you liked the Jason Bourne films then there were games (I didn't know either) but the books are different in some fairly major ways and I quite liked the ones I read.

The 80s and 90s often adapted books into games, including some very renowned titles.

That said I was curious and it seems wikipedia (I know) served up the goods today
Several authors I recognise in that and have very much enjoyed the works of. Searched for a few of them and goodreads (sort of like IMDB but for books) had something nice to say about several of them.
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