Anyone know anything about Link Between Worlds models?

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    A lot of the models and textures for the dungeons and houses are in bch files which are easy enough to edit with ohana, however there seem to be a bunch of szs files that are... different. They can't be opened as is with szs modifier/explorer, so I was wondering if anyone knew what type of compression/what type of file these really are?
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    Don't you mean the Tri Force Heroes ones ?
    The .szs files can be opened with Every File Explorer , the files contained by the .szs can be exported to binaries with Every File Explorer but i've found nothing to open the binaries so

    ERRATUM : However i've found a cmd command that renders the binary to .bch, here it is :

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Also , the cmd needs to be opened in the same folder where the binary is.
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