Anyone help Pokemon Diamond - Microphone wave in Failure nosgba fans

Discussion in 'NDS - Emulation and Homebrew' started by slickery, May 30, 2012.

  1. slickery

    slickery Newbie

    May 29, 2012
    Anyone Need help
    Does anyone has a fix for Pokemon Diamond - Microphone wave in Failure

    its totally annoying after playing 10-20 mins
    i get an error
    Microphone wave in Failure
    sometimes it happens in 1-5 minutes of playing

    because of this i end up playing again from the start

    I always save on game but if I dont close the emu after saving ill end up
    starting the game from the last save when Ive close emu

    for example
    lets say i start to playing a newgame
    then played for 20 min then save the game
    if I dont close the no$gba emu ill end up starting the game all over again

    So meaning if I end up with
    Microphone wave in Failure
    ill have to start all over again

    This only happens on Pokemon Diamond well i havent tried on Pokemon Pearl yet
    But i dont encounter this when playing Pokemon Black and White

    im using nosgba 2.6a dont want to change on desmu since i got a slow computer
    i also use noszoomer i think is the first version that im using

    ive tried muting microphone but i still encounter this
    Microphone wave in Failure

    Anyone Help ????????
  2. 098v

    098v Advanced Member

    May 13, 2012
    You're probably running some background applications that affect it, programs like MSN WinAMP maybe even Itunes, I would suggest to first close and programs that are not needed and make sure that your sound cards are fully updated also try changing your quality for it if it's currently on high set it to low and if it's set to low try changing to high and see if that works. Good luck!
  3. slickery

    slickery Newbie

    May 29, 2012
    Sound Update Doesnt work or making low and high

    But I Think I Found A Way

    Dont Know Which one Works though
    But I Tried Downloading the No$zoomer 2.3.02 still using the No$gba 2.6a
    and played havent encountered any
    Microphone wave in Failure

    I havent tried closing other programs while playing but it might work just try it

    since i end up downloading No$zoomer first and deleted the old one
    before to be able to check weather closing other programs while playing would not
    cause you Microphone wave in Failure well anyway just try it the way 098v suggested
    since i havent confirmed that one

    098v thanks for your suggestion

    maybe its something to do with the old no$zoomer that i used
    where its makes the game Microphone wave in Failure

    my internet browser is still on and other programs
    while playing and still playing 8 hours straight
    without encountering Microphone wave in Failure

    For now im Happy I did'nt encounter Microphone wave in Failure
    not like last time it takes 1-5minute or 10-20 minutes and end up Microphone wave in Failure

    I Hope it will work forever
    I'll let you know if this Completely solve My problem

    Oh before I Forgot I Found a Cool Feature of No$zoomer
    You can Update your save files while playing the game
    without closing the no$gba emulator
    Its under File---->Save Battery

    Which means even if you encounter Microphone wave in Failure
    as long as you save ur files this way File---->Save Battery
    You don't have to worry about Microphone wave in Failure
    which makes you start all over again from your gameplay

    Well Since I Dont mind Saving My game Constantly it works perfectly fine
    Still I Save Normally then use File---->Save Battery

    Well not really sure if it work since i havent encountered Microphone wave in Failure
    but it does update the save file while playing since you can see its updating the save file
    for real

    So in theory it will work well hope its does