Anyone have any idea about spp file extension?

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    Mar 6, 2010
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    Hi, I'm tryin to extract voice data from nds rom.

    The game is called "Love Plus"


    I extracted the rom and found the sound files.

    Usually there's only .sdat file but this one has two other

    Siren14Voice.spp (158,887KB) and Siren14Voice.vtb (200KB)

    I successfully unpacked the .sdat file but there was only bgm and sound effects (no voice)

    I'm guessing Siren14Voice.spp is the one i'm looking for but I have no idea how to unpack this thing

    I googled it and couldn't find any info. about .spp extension

    Can anyone help me with this?

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    May 2, 2014
    siren14voice.spp is a contains huge number of voice files.
    siren14voice.vtb is an little endian index file.
    a data array in the file.
    c++ signature:
    // 8 bytes alignment
    struct vtbfile
    vtbdata[] Data;
    struct vtbdata
    u32 Offset; //This value >> 4 Is the Offset of a single voicefile in .spp
    u32 FileLength; //Length of that file
    Visual Basic .net signature:
    Structure vtbfile
    Dim Data As vtbdata()
    Structure vtbdata
    Dim location As Integer
    Dim voiceSize As Integer
    Function Getlocation() As Integer
    Return location>>4
    End Function
    End Structure
    End Structure

    Knowing these ,split the spp file into single files is not difficult.
    But voice files are encrypted.
    Decryption is not a simple work.
    To decrypt voice files,you should learn reverse engineering well.
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