Any recommended game titles?

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    I'm about a year away until I can actually play the 'M' rated titles I wanted to years and years ago or at least try out.

    I finally figured out yesterday on why my two other playstations in the home broke was becuase the internal fan finally died out. So essintally the system died becuase it had no fan; it was overheating which is why it died.

    Luckily I found a solution; external fans :P it essentially replaces the need of an internal fan. So I guess you can say you can get a little bit of life out of something already dead.

    Anyways, any recommended titles to play in the future or currently?
    I'm thinking about playing GTA 4 & GTA 5, Dead Rising, Twisted Metal, Dark Souls III, Fallout New Veagus, and Fallout 4, and maybe Dead Space if i'm up to that. Looks kind of grusome tbh, COD WWI, COD II, COD III. Bioshock also looks likes an intresting survival horror game. I might play God of War at some point but the gameplay doesn't look as interesting in comparison to a fast paced fighting hack/slah game. Farcry 3, and 4 look neat and also titles I wanted to play, Dead Rising 1 - 4 also look neat, Assasians Creed is another game I have been wanting to play for a long time, Titan Fall 1 & 2 (which was rated Pegi 13 in Europe but M in America?) Is another game, Skyrim is a title I really missed out on and have been hopeing to play, Saints Row V (Like the last game with super powers.) Is another kool game, Dead Island looks okay would try it out though, I might try out Modern Warfare if it takes its self more seriously about character/story, red dead redemption another good game, Mase Effect 3 I heard is a good game and has been getting great reception for its story driven moments (except in the end.) I guess fighting games to but I normally like to play a game to enjoy it not to really learn the fundamentals as much. Watchdogs 1 & 2 took an intresting concept on GTA imo and looks neat.

    Of course I can't play any of that until somewhere next year, so in the mean time i'd like to appreciate and go back to the "classic" games I played.
    Infamous 1 & Infamous 2
    LBP 2 (Hopefully if the community still makes existing levels and not a copy & replica of same level ideas.) Its essintally Mario Maker but with more freedom.
    Skate II - Skate III I saw Youtube videos of these but I was afraid to play them becuase I thought I wouldn't enjoy it. Now that some time has gone by I think the price has lowered a little.
    Uncharted (All games) I played this when I was younger (14) and only played the third game. I plan on buying the whole trilogy (except the 4th because that's only on PS4.)
    There was also a game where you race other people in a derby. It came out when the PS3 first launched but never tried it.
    DragonBall Z 1 & DragonBall Z 2, these are essentially both fighting games of the Dragon Ball series. When I used to watch the TV Show as a kid I kind of enjoyed the fighting mostly over the actual dialogue of the show sometimes. I only played the demo but it looks awsome.
    Shadow of the Colusues I played this game but eventually got bored of having the journey focus more on going from Part A to Part B killing a boss every single time. I would play it again though.
    There was some Disney Action/Adventure game made but I forget what it was called. It was essentially a racing game but the focus was to dodge incoming attacks/powerplays coming at you to stay in 1st.
    Dungeon Defenders 1 is a game I got becuase it was free for PS Plus members, I got it at first and didin't really like it but after a few more levels of gameplay I really got into it, I completed the game essentially (except for two levels that I deemed unbeatable on console edition.) And got one of the ultimate weapons in the game.
    Dungeon Defenders 2 I guess? I can play this on PC but the problem is my PC can't utilize the game well compared to the consoles I have.
    Plants VS Zombies I might try since I never did.
    Dark Souls 1 & 2 - These are rated teen but never tried them due to the PS3's dieing and mine being held hostage for PS Vue :(

    And that's pretty much everything I can think of in the top of my head I missed out on xD. So you can probably see my frustration when I have been waiting & anticipating to play a game that already come out.

    Any other recommendations?