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    Apr 4, 2006
    Terranova: Strike force Centaury.

    A relatively old game (1996.); sort of mid-life, kind of.
    With a very new approach to: FPS, tactical team shooters, Mech games; also game controlls, and outdoor 3D graphics.

    Now this is a very odd game. Either you have played it (and love it), or you have never heard of it (and have no way of finding out, because Google turns up with NOTHING).

    Which is a shame, because the game was great. Even for today's standards. All a remake would need is better graphics (no amount of gameplay could hide the 400*320 resolution; Wii versus PS3 is one thing, but this one really needs better graphics [​IMG] . Maybe on a DS...)
    You could give orders to your teammates, you could tune into the video feed from their helmets to see what they were seeing; you could launch spy drones and watch what they were seeing, or just use them to draw fire away from you... You could control the spy drone remotely to target specific objects, or just let it buzz around a specified area... You could put the map on the "big" helmet visor, and leave the external view on the radar screen, so you could walk and plan at the same time... You could toggle between the "battle" visor, with a wide field of view, or the "tactical" visor, with tons of info.

    Also, you could choose your weapons, much like Mechwarrior, and each weapon had energy demands, recoil, range, damage, ammo, etc. etc. You could mount an extra power generator, to feed the energy-hungry pulsar rifles, or a toolkit to repair damaged units in the field, extra spy drones, or mini turrets to poke at you enemies and provide a distraction; you had 3 suits to choose from, with varying speeds, armors, weapon slots, and sensor ranges.

    My personal favourite were the EMP grenades. They would irradiate the enemies with EM radiation, making them glow on the radar like Christmass trees. You could also use the recoil from the launching to gain speed and increase jump distance. And if you hit a certain enemy type with it, their targeting computer would freeze for a second or two, so you could have one teammate lob the enemy with EMP-s, while the others were safe to pummel them from up close.

    And I especially loved the controlls. The mouse would aim your weapon (and click on in-helmet controls), WASD controlled your walking, and QE+RF controlled what you were looking at. Meaning, you could walk one way, look the other, and fire in a third direction entirely. I just loved that. Modern FPSes with all the head-jerking (the mouse controls the view and the aim at the same time) make me twitchy.

    I was recently reminded of it, by a thread in a forum I'm on, "What game would you like to see made", and I thought, well... Terranova, of course. I just had to say this somewhere. All of this.

    I'll stop now. I have a little nostalgia in my eye :'(

    (That line was too good not to use [​IMG] )

    Anyway, if any of you are old enough to have played this when it was new, back in the day (when men were real men, women were real women, and small furry creatures from Alpha Centaury were real small furry creatures of Alpha Centaury), say something.

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