Any game with Wii controls?

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Apr 30, 2010
  1. moneyhead64

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    Is there some emulator on the PC or for the Wii that allows me to play Gamecube games with Wii controls like the "New Play Control" games released by Nintendo? I know there is Glovepie to allow the use of the Wii controller on the PC, but are there any scripts or any other programs that allow Wii controls (IR pointing, swinging), particularly for games like Super Mario Sunshine (using the IR to aim the FLUDD), Luigi's Mansion (using the IR to aim the vacuum), or Zelda: The Wind Waker (using the IR for aiming with certain weapons and swinging the Wii remote to swing Link's sword like in Twilight Princess)? I've been searching for the answers by myself, but I cannot seem to find the right information. Thanks.
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    you would have to map the ir to the control used to operate those features in game. yeah it can be done, but not realistic. i guess you could map the ir AND the buttons so you can interchange the two, but again still not realistic.

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