Any chance of editing my WiiU savegame yet

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    Jan 28, 2015
    This is my first post and i didn't find a suitable tread yet for my question so there goes a new one.

    I was wondering if there is a way yet to edit a Savegame on my WiiU. The reason i keep coming back here is less about pirating games but more about Cheating. Yes, i admit it, i'm a cheater and i like it. But since i'm not playing online what's the damage? And a Cheat feature like we had on the Wii loaders seems to be out of the question yet.

    I am struggeling a lot with Hyrule Warriors and I thought maybe it's possible to get my hands on my savegame to edit a few parameters. I used to do that sometimes with PC games, just copying away a savestate, playing on and comparing the saves to find the locations where Weapons, Ammo etc. are stored.

    From what I understand the saves are encrypted individually per console so sharing savegames would be out of the question. But maybe it's possible to decrypt my own savegame, edit that and re-encrypt it to make life easyer for me.

    Is there a change yet to get to my savestate yet, edit that and upload it back to the WiiU?