any active projects its so quite now days

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  1. GrimReaperX

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    Jun 10, 2014
    So is there any active projects going its so quite now days lol miss the old days when it was so busy with projects coming left to right makes me sad lol
  2. SCOTT0852

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    Jan 20, 2018
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    Well, the PSP is 14 years old at this point... just about everything that can be done has been done. We have coldboot on latest firmware, we have lots of homebrew & emus, we have custom themes, we have backup loading... I'm not even sure what else there is to do.
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    Nov 29, 2017
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    Reading that actually made me kinda sad lol
  4. crimsonwolf8439

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    May 22, 2016
  5. GrimReaperX

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    Jun 10, 2014
    Not all have been translated as of yet
  6. riesyukira

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    Jun 2, 2016
    He meant active fan translations lol

    Well anyway here's my input:
    - .Hack//Link English Patch is almost done, they're finalizing editing and they're 49% done!
    - 7th Dragon 2020-2 English Patch will get released this Q4 (Oct-Dec) by non other than Cavespeak! The same guy who did most of the 7th Dragon Games on the DS and PSP, so its safe to assume that it's good as done!
    - Zero no Kiseki English Patch is most likely going to be released by early next year since they are at 75% done with editing, and No this isn't the alpha/beta patch that was riddled with bugs, its from a different group called Geofront/Esterior.
    - Tales of Rebirth English Patch is still happening at least that's what the guys are saying at their Discord.
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  7. ArtistofLegacy

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    Jun 21, 2016
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    Didn't know Tales of Rebirth was still going. Though they always said they were busy with life stuff when I checked the forum so it was hard to tell.

    Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity picked back up with the programmer returning. I assume that means Sol Trigger will continue eventually too.
    Zill O'll Infinite Plus is a thing but the guy doing it mainly posts about it on Twitter I think.
    Kurohyou 1 and 2 might still be a thing but can't really tell.
    There are Fate/Extra CCC and Persona 2 EP projects going on at
    Someone's trying to get a translation for Frontier Gate Boost+ going.
    I remember someone trying to do Tales of Destiny 2 too but idk what happened with that.
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  8. Kitsu-neechan

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    Apr 9, 2015
    zill o'll infinite plus is a thing but the "guy" doesnt really post anywhere nowadays :P
    if you want status, it's basically as good as baked hacking vise. all the difficult parts of the hacking are done, and what's left is a couple cosmetic fixes (expand a text box, change japanese syllable categorizqation in biography menu to A-Z) and a couple new stringbuffers to get the job system to play nice. The guy working on the translation is someone with a high enough reputation of fantranslations so i wouldn't really worry about it not getting done (of course, zill o'll's script is absolutely ridiculously gigantic, so the workload is there for him to do.)

    for my other things, utawarerumono portable is also a thing, fully hacked, 50% translated, currently halted due to translator being MIA.
    evangelion girlfriend of steel 2nd was recently updated to 1.01 and im considering it as ready.

    for the future, might go back to magna carta portable... maybe growlancer... maybe something else, god knows.
  9. zfreeman

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    Mar 9, 2013
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    DaedalusX64 v1.1.3:
    Further improvements to code optimization including more efficient maths and faster code for the Media Engine bring even further performance improvements.

    Next release may bring a rewrite to the Media Engine's job manager, making sound processing perform better and bringing games such as F-Zero X, which were bottlenecked by the Media Engine, huge speedups.

    DSonPSP v0.8 beta:
    DSonPSP v0.8 plans to use modern PSP SDK optimisations and newer code to improve DSonPSP on a compatibility level and a performance level, in hopes of getting some games to be playable.

    YouTube for PSP:
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  10. Joel16

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    May 8, 2011
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    Doesn't concern you.

    I have one final project that I want to give to this amazing handheld. This time I want it to be user friendly, much cleaner source code and something that will hopefully be well accepted by the community.
  11. SnorChlaxs

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    Sep 27, 2018
    Have some one translated the magna carta portable yet??????? I really want to play that game