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  • Hey, can you help me...
    what program to edit item in SAO IM...
    I not understand about length in hex...
    Not really, I had 0 translators willing to work on it so it kinda went down in the "no help gotten so froze in time for the time being" but I would love to do it, I love Keroro and the Tales combat system ^^
    Hi, i'm translating the psp game Digimon world re:digitelize in Italian, I'm having some problems with the .img file that contain images of the game, such as maps, images of digimon etc, but I can't open them would you know how to do with some program? Please we need, we are blocked, we will make your name between the credits. thanks in advance :)
    Hi, I have transler S.A.O story 10% but the others not can you give me the patch you are doing ? Plsss ?
    Greetings, I would like to help in the Last Ranker patch with the editing.
    I don't have much knowledge in romhacking but I'm studying computer engineering, so can you tell me where to find the tools and some tutorial to start (and maybe some tips XD),
    And I can help (after this game) with any proyect you have in mind
    Hi there
    i hope that you can help me to get Super Robot Wars OE in english

    because i didn't understand how i can patch it
    also i want to play it in my pc using ppsspp can i patch it?
    Hey there. I heard you had a shortage on translators for Shining Force Feather. Are there any areas in specific that haven't been touched, like say, attacks/locations/menus and the like? If there are some loose ends or anything in for the game you're putting a priority on, that maybe I could help with it? I don't mind helping knock off a few things from your checklist, if you need a hand.
    do you speak japanese ? and yeah really big shortage on translators for shining force feather...
    I don't exactly have a portfolio to back me up, but I'm working on Napple Tale with esperknight and LPT Ragnarok with ChepChep a little. I could send you the translations I did for the Disgaea characters from that game and you could let me know if you like them, if you would like to see something of that nature.
    Hi StorMyu
    I heard you're translating SAO:Infinity Moment.
    How is it going?
    And i want to learn translate PSP game.Before translating there's many things to learn.Can you tell me where i must start?
    the project is ongoing and you need to go check the SAO thread in PSP-Hacking&Homebrew to see us.
    to start as a Romhacker, one of the most important thing is to know a programming language, anyone will do as long as you're comfortable enough with it to do what you want.
    Ekilham van Basten
    Ekilham van Basten
    Thanks for help.
    And looks like i must start learning C++,Hex code right?
    There's no such things as Hex Code, there's data. You'll learn that if you learn C++
    whoa i realize you haven't been here in a while. we'll anyway i wanted to drop by and say i'm a newbie who wants to learn and help. plus i have no idea how to pm.
    Just click at my avatar. And I'm always here, I've just been silent since there's not so much to say.
    Can I help in the shining force feather Translation?I may be a newbe but I have loads of Time and a sleeping problem.......
    Yo StorMyu, i would like to be taken as your disciple in translating XD just kiddin, i would like to help in translating any game but im just a beginner :)
    beginner in japanese or in romhacking ?
    drop a pm if you want ^^
    Hey StorMyu, I heard that you were pretty busy lately, I was wondering if you can estimate the time needed for you to complete Infinity Moment and Re Digitize?
    Hi Stormyu

    I just wanted to say that i really appreciate your translating work, and i wanted to ask how the sgt frog RPG project is going.
    Is it still active? Or is it even finished?

    Greetings, Taccotoast
    Oh my god Keroro RPG, it's been a long time and everytime someone wants to join to help, they just disappear like one or two weeks after that, since I've got a lot of projects right now I can't really dedicate myself to it but it's a wonderful game that I like and it's on my to-do list (and probably one of the most important one !)
    Hi Stormyu,

    How are you?

    I'm admire so much your knowledge in romhacking/translation and i see that your are translating some psp games.

    Can you tell me please which games are you traslating now?
    I can't message you because this i had to comment here.

    Thank you
    Fine thanks, and well I don't have "that" much knowledge ^^

    Currently I'm translating:
    - Tales of Rebirth (PSP/PS2)
    - Digimon World : Re Digitize (PSP)
    - Shining Force Feather (NDS)
    - Sword Art Online (PSP)

    And most other projects I can't tell right now.
    And you can pm by clicking on my name in a thread for example.
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