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  1. nezkeys79

    nezkeys79 Advanced Member

    May 21, 2008
    Okay so after trying a lot of times I finally got the roms onto my R4 (using max crass method) and they actually load up but now I have another problem. All of them are stopping in weird places near the start so obviously I am still not doing something right!

    Dragon Quest 5 ... The ship at the start never docks
    Chrono Trigger ... First portal the screen just stays on the blue swirling

    Let me explain exactly what I am doing so you may be able to help....

    1) I extract everything from the max crass folder to the desktop (DSlazy/max overload/arm7.bin)
    2) I download them rom I want then extract the .nds file inside to the desktop.
    3) I open DSlazy and select "..." then click on the rom I just extracted to the desktop
    4) I then select NDSunpack and when the folder appears I replace the arm7.bin file in here with the one I extracted to the desktop. ( I dont know if this is normal but before that folder appears I get a black screen like ms dos or something that says there was some sort of error/system 32 or something and loads of files scroll down really quickly )
    5) Next I click on NDSpacker and rename that file whatever the rom is called and save it to the desktop
    6) Then I click on Max Overload Patcher and open the file I just renamed
    7) Now at this point 2 new files have appeared on desktop (the .nds one I renamed and a .pat file of same name). The max crass method says simply copy the file I renamed onto the flash cart but nothing happens when I try that so I drag it back into the winrar folder of the original Rom file I donwnloaded and then extract that to my R4.

    What am I doing wrong? Please help
  2. Joey Ravn

    Joey Ravn F*** you, Nintendo!

    Aug 29, 2007
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