1. d0gma

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    May 10, 2013
    United States
    Has anyone been able to grow a tall Birthday Blossom for the Final Job? I went back and redid any of the jobs that I had only received a "Good Job" for, but I can't seem to grow a tall enough Birthday Blossom. Any tips?

    I've had my wife hold a tall flower while pollinating a short Birthday Blossom, but the highest percentage for a tall Birthday Blossom I've gotten is 16%, and it hasn't happened yet.
    I was able to grow some medium Birthday Blossoms and thought that was as tall as they got, but they were also just "Good Job' and I haven't been able to grow any more of those. Thinking I might need to grow a medium and get that one pollinated by a frequent mii holding a tall flower.
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