Animal Crossing New Leaf save data corruption.

Discussion in '3DS - Games & Content' started by bobmcjr, May 2, 2014.

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    Apr 26, 2013
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    So my Animal Crossing (eShop) save data got partially corrupted (as in I can't save new characters or load my existing one). I was on the island when a bunch of island hoppers kept coming and going, triggering many saves. Then it finally failed to save, and left my saved data in an unusable state. The town and most everything else appear fine, probably some worthless checksum got messed up. It crashes to everybodies favorite black screen with "an error has occurred" in white text. I sent Ninty support an email, so I'll see if anything comes from that. Mainly wanted to rant, and this further reinforces my decision to switch to a Gateway soon, where saves are less black-boxed and can actually be backed up.