and you know whats inside... A PRIZE

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    Nov 5, 2006
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    Like video games and free stuff? What a coincidence! Me too!

    Some of you proabably saw my other post here a while ago about, this fan comunity site for a game coming out called "Frontlines: Fuel of War".

    Well, know they're running a little promotion where you can ask one of the developers a question, and get automatically entered to win a "neat" prize at the same time!

    Pretty sweet if you ask me.


    Not sure what the prize will end up being, but more than likely it will be some sort of 360 accesory. Who knows though, it could be a copy of the game (when it comes out, of course)


    Edit: sorry for this, i put this in the testing area because I needed to take a screenshot posting that banner on another gaming forum to earn points for a mission- Sorry for whoring you out guys, but I need me that Xbox 360 [​IMG]