An idea for a game.

Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by Volsfan91, May 24, 2008.

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    that would be pretty extraordinary, but I highly doubt this would happen. The pokemon card game has like thousands of cards, not to mention different cards per single pokemon. It'd be FOREVER till something showed up. I mean, my Triple Triad project is already going to be difficult, and that is only with 110 cards (220 if you count both Red and Blue). So yeah, I don't think someone would do this. :[
  3. RaiDesu

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    Talent is not an issue. Programming is a learned skill.

    It sounds interesting, but it doesn't seem like it'll take off. The reason why TCG2 was not released in the USA, is due to the failure of the prior game.
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    May 10, 2008
    Talent has EVERYTHING to do with it, programming IS!! a learnt skill, what you do with it is the talented part, and considering this guy is asking to create a game and not LEARN TO CODE IN C, that comment is completely wrong.
  5. distorted.freque

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    Jan 31, 2008

    A bit hard to understand what you're trying to say...>_>


    Seems interesting...except I'm not a fan of trading card games...and I don't know much about programming...
  6. Dylan

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    I would be happy to attempt artwork for card and any art concepts but I have no coding knowledge what so ever.
  7. Narin

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    You know, this wouldn't be that feasible to make. Simply due to the number of cards that are in the Pokemon Trading Card game. Something like this would take up a ton of space and theres not a MicroSDHC card out there that can hold the images for every card. You could always just limit them, but that lowers the customization and strategy factor by limiting the selection.

    Also on MicroSD cards, large number of files take up a lot more room than the actual size due to the paging file. I remember trying out SunOL and they had a directory of small images which totaled like 5 megs in size but due to the sheer number, the folder came close to 100 megs in size even though the total file size of everything was only 5 megs.
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    For something like this, I'd start learning how to code again, but it's an incredibly time-consuming project, not to mention the space it would take up. Having downloaded a couple card sets(they're pretty much all available as scans, so card design isn't an issue), I know that for all the sets available, it'll probably take up at least 3 gigs of space on a microSD, if not more. Plus there's probably got to be both the full size card and a scaled down version, which will take up more space unless the program automatically scales the card down. Then there's writing the battle system. I haven't played in about 5 years because of all the extra junk they tossed in to the system for no real reason, and writing a battle script would probably be pretty extensive.

    Short version: As awesome as this would be, it's not feasible until 6 or 8 GB cards become standard, and you/ your team are pretty good at coding.
  9. Normmatt

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    You could easily make a database file which stores all required files in it, that way you dont have to extract 10000 files and it doesnt take up as much space.

    Each image could be pre-converted too save space and quicker to render.