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Dec 14, 2004
Level 8
    1. LittleXiao
      Hey, not sure if you're still around, but Filetrip shut down. Can you please reupload Texturipper? Thank you for all your work.
    2. saxamo
      I just wanted to say I've always appreciated the legendary work you have done for the community over many many years.
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    3. Nononoki
      Is Slime Morimori Dragon Quest is being worked on? And if not, would it be possible to release the translation to the public so someone could pick it up?
    4. Another World
      Another World
      Norm. AKAIO v1.8.9 on a HW81 card (its an old format, I'll admit), will soft-resets back to the root directory instead of the folder the .nds file was launched from. I'm sure you recall my ethics for testing, and I will dig out some equipment and test any future AKAIO updates if the need arises.

      Hope you are well.
      -Another World
    5. NicoAICP
      Good work on Ntrboothax
    6. YoloSwagDux
      Thanks for ntrboothax but could you consider trying to add compatibility for R4i SDHC which is simular to the r4 gold is there website, thanks and please reply :)
    7. Luglige
      Thanks for all the work you have contributed! nice to see devs working hard on stuff :P
    8. froggestspirit
      Hello, I was going to ask if you have some insight for hooking into arm9 of the original DS to run a code patch. Mainly want to make a patch that can swap the screens on input of a button combo (the Address for that is only accessable through arm9 afaik.) If you are interested in helping, please PM me.
    9. MetalFan
      Hello brother, I'm from the MetalMax 3 translation project. We are looking for someone with knowledge of assembler. Would you be interested?
    10. SoonToBeProgrammer
      sir please continue your project on translating bomberman jetters in english, i love that game and i really want to play that in english, i always take time to look on the progress of your project in github, everyday im excited to see if you post a new update about that project, sir im begging you please dont stop the project, im here to support on your project, just tell me what help can i do, thank you so much sir
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