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    Yo well, not sure if anyone here ever browsed to it, but my web space is gone and the account is either deleted or purged due to an upgrade or something. Anyhow, long story short... basically a friend of mine was hosting my web space and he invited me over to his house to hang out and talk about a few serious issues. So after I left, I had an eerie feeling but he said everything was cool before I went there. Then later on I still had my web space with his server for just over a year and now it's gone. Eerie part was because I wasn't sure what he thought about all the incidents. Now I'm at a point where I'm not sure whether or not he is a friend any more since I ask to visit and he always goes around the subject, so I don't try to contact him any more. It's a shame too because this is one of those guys I knew from the old bbs scene in the 707/510 area and he was really into the ascii/ansi/vga art scene as well as some non public domain but he pretty much gave up on that stuff when he was coding and working with a group making ansi files. I believe that group was called REM, a PD group "Radical Elite Movement" which some members later on split off into ACiD I think.

    I will probably some day put my web site back up on another host, but for now it's safely stored on one of my old boot hard drives from my P4.

    Luckily for me, this could be a new beginning if I put it back up. Since it isn't on record on google's evil search library and people can't use it to scam people on paypal any more (I trolled some threads on google yesterday and it appears that people were trying to sell stuff that they linked to my site for), maybe I can throw it on another server and make it so google can't troll the site and just keep it there for people I send the site info to [​IMG]

    Anyway I haven't updated the site in ages so not much to miss. I did get a few emails once in a while about the snes cartridge special chips lists and so on that I merged together on there. It was fun times.

    Lesson to any onlookers with friends hosting your stuff (real life, or internet irc buddies), always back up your web site because you never know for what reasons the server may go down! This one I shall recover in all original content from my PC and burn to a CD.