AmE DS, an Amstrad CPC 464/6128 emu for the DS.

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    As the topic titles says this is an emu for the Amstrad CPC484 and its "enhanced" version the 6128. It is a port of the caprice32:

    Link to site (French language):

    v1.1 was just released here is a changelog (1 was just intial release):
    * Some speedup
    * Sound emulation added
    * Ajout du déplacement dans le choix des fichiers si on laisse la touche appuyée (having trouble translating this one but I guess it is something to do with game selection)
    * Option menu added
    * Now able to remap keys
    * Tweaked display (should be better centred)
    * SNA save format able to be selected

    * Keyboard is stylus based
    * Dpad- joystick
    * A : buttons
    * B : buttons
    * X : same as holding SHIFT
    * Y : Reset
    * R : Change display mode (similar to picodrive)

    Hopefully the site owners/authors will not mind me hotlinking a screen: