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Oct 24, 2002
Since we've been adding all sorts of BBcode tags recently, I thought it would be nice to have a little summary here. I'm pretty sure there are some tags that NO ONE knows about, even me.

I'll pass on the usual tags: B, I, U, FONT, SIZE, COLOR, HTTP, IMG, QUOTE and CODE, which you all know well.
  • EMAIL: insert an email address. But no one posts their email address nowadays
  • HR: horizontal line.
  • JUSTIFY, LEFT, RIGHT: you probably already know about [ center ], which is for text/content alignment in a post. Well, here comes [ justify ], which justifies text, [ left ] which aligns the text to the left, and [ right ] to the right.
  • MEMBER, or M: this creates a link to a member's profile. MEMBER and M do the same thing, except that M is much shorter! Example: Costello and shaunj66.
  • PRE: if you want to display pre-formatted text (similar to the tag in HTML).
  • STRIKE or S: strike through text.
  • THUMBNAIL: use a thumbnail as a link to an image.
  • TN: thumbnail, with an additional option: the height of the image. [ tn=200 ] will become a thumbnail with its height set to 200 pixels.
  • TOPIC: link to a topic, providing the topic ID. Usage: [ topic=topicid ]hello[ /topic ]. The topic ID can be found in the address bar. My last aticle's topic ID is 72387, so the code will be: [ topic=72387 ]my last article[ /topic ]
  • YOUTUBE: see this topic.
The full list of BBCode tags can be found here
If you have any suggestion for a new BBcode tag, please post it. They're usually very easy to add.

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  • AncientBoi @ AncientBoi:
    ♫ We al live in a Flex Seal Submarine A Flex Seal Submarine, a flex seal submarine ♫
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Looks like Eagles Wii be in Superbowl this year
  • AncientBoi @ AncientBoi:
    [sends Washington after them]
  • sombrerosonic @ sombrerosonic:
    girls kiss other girls and nobody bats an eye, BUT WHENI KISS MY HOMIES GOODNIGHT IM NOW GAY
  • sombrerosonic @ sombrerosonic:
    double standers

    are a bitch
  • C @ ch13696:
    Did you make sure to have socks on before kissing them goodnight?
  • sombrerosonic @ sombrerosonic:
    The Core i9 seems like a nice CPU
  • sombrerosonic @ sombrerosonic:
    need 32 gigs for Blender and shit like that
  • sombrerosonic @ sombrerosonic:
    also dual wielding 580's are pretty nice for several games and blender
  • sombrerosonic @ sombrerosonic:
    Hi Catboy
  • The Catboy @ The Catboy:
    Hey hey~
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Jesus super bowl tickets are like 5 grand this year
  • gudenau @ gudenau:
    Imagine if they didn't sell.
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Who would pay Rhianna then
  • D @ Danali:
    hi, does someone know how to get the kernel update? for NDS
  • FAST6191 @ FAST6191:
    There is no kernel update for DS
  • FAST6191 @ FAST6191:
    There might be kernel updates for various DS flash carts
  • captainbob321 @ captainbob321:
    what is a kernel update? and what is it for?
  • FAST6191 @ FAST6191:
    In which case find either the website or suitable download section and hopefully it is there
  • FAST6191 @ FAST6191:
    *website for the flash cart in question
  • Maq47 @ Maq47:
    Soooo, uhhhh, how do I post a meme to /memes/ now? I don't see an option now...
  • Maq47 @ Maq47:
    Figured it out... Man, that is convoluted.
    Maq47 @ Maq47: Figured it out... Man, that is convoluted.