AlienDS build2 10/13/08

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    AlienDS build2 10/13/08
    version r1 update
    First is the new control style with the stylus, complete with mirroring for left handed people(thank my brother for that). Of course it's optional, there's a menu at the beginning. Though you can use the stylus to look around, you can't look up and down, not because it's difficult to implement but because you can't do it in the original control scheme. Also everything in this game it's at the same height, no need to look up and down.

    I also have updated the radar/map thing, now displays the enemies too, the catch is that it only shows them when they move, it's a motion sensor!, so it's still tense. There is too a new decorative element, a light column thing, I think it looks good.

    About other things, I don't think I'll code a tool set for this. The game it's almost at the point I wanted it to be so I'll probably start something else. When that happens I'll release the source code, though I don't think it'll be that useful, it's ugly and full of hacks. Anyway there are still things I want to do with this! Right now I'm trying to implement a random level generator, so the game can keep fresh, will see how that works. Also more decorative elements and interactive things like barrels or something, that's easy to do.

    So that's it, please try the new version, it's still a bit buggy but plays fine I think


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