AL9H and NNID changing?

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    I recently got a few Black Friday n3DS systems (condolences to those who didn't score one) and I'm going to use my old 3ds to hack them with a DSi game.

    When I do, the target n3DS systems will have my network ID stuck on them, right? Is there any way to remove the NNID from the new systems? I don't really like my Network ID and want a fresh one on my new system, and the other one I'm giving away I don't want tied to me.
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    I may be wrong, but System format may let you setup a new NNID
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    After you have it hacked with a9lh, you can format using the system settings (which unlinks your NNID from the console) and create a new one. You'll obviously lose access to any games you've purchased with your current NNID, though.

    As a9lh starts before the system, even a format won't mess with it. You'll have to re-inject FBI and the other channels, but that's not terribly difficult.
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    Yes, system format let's you create a brand new NNID. I would do the following:

    Transfer from left to right
    O3DS -> DSiWare downgrade -> N3DS #1 -> DSiWare downgrade -> N3DS#2 .... -> N3DS #n

    All the 3DS besides the last one will have a fresh setup since system transfer formats them. After that all you need to do is format the last.
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    You can wipe the NNIDSave.bin file of a hacked 3DS. Get access to decrypt9, download this file and put it in files9 (or wherever Decrypt9 says its "work folder" is), and go to the "system save inject" option of the NAND you want to wipe the NNID from. Then select nnidsave, find your file, and inject it. No need to format a 3DS just for that.
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