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Discussion in 'Acekard' started by Dovien, Feb 4, 2009.

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    Feb 4, 2009
    I'm new here (First post yay!) and have been searching around/reading for a little while now. Just have a few questions for any who will answer. I'll be buying a DSi when they're released in Canada, and an Acekard to go with it.

    Acekard allows you to play DS roms. What about GBA roms? Just because it doesn't have the slot doesn't mean you can't use it..right?

    Keeping the DSi unupdated so it will still run Acekard (assuming later patches may try to block it much like PSP?) but will that stop me from being able to use the camera/internetbrowsing (if browsing exists? Thought I heard about it somewhere.)

    Is it worth buying an Acekard now (as opposed to in 2-3 months when DSi hits North America) to get a better price? I imagine it going up around launch here. Reason I ask is they may release DSi here with some new firmware on it blocking the Acekard, but if I wait they might make one that bypasses it.

    And lastly, anything else added to this list of what I'll need? DSi, Acekard, MidroSD card (class 6 or something?)

    Sorry for the noob questions, I'm slowly easing back into handheld gaming after a few years of MMO's eating my life.
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    first off welcome to the forums
    for the gba roms they may make an emulator for gba since the dsi has more ram or something
    it wont stop you from using the camera or browser
    i think you should wait on buying a flashcart because im pretty sure new ones are coming
    no you dont need anything else in that list
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    Just as ball said.Wait a bit on the AK2i just incase the team make an upgrade sometime soon.Also as you already know a MircoSD 2GB+ because ROMS eat through your space.
  4. Dovien

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    Feb 4, 2009
    Awesome then [​IMG] I'll wait until it launches. Only problem is I know it'll be backordered by that time, probably take an extra month to get one =/

    Thanks for the quick reply and the welcome [​IMG]

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    Aye, I have a bunch and they really do eat space. But luckily enough I know where I can get a 8gb (class 6 I think is the term I mean to put in these brackets? Either way pretty fast.) for $15, so it's no big deal really
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    it doesn't look like the dsi will be cracked anytime soon. i think its safe to assume the dsi will only be good for the dsi games you buy. the akaio team already proved that you can disable a flash kit for dsi functionality with a few bits of code. nintendo could easily brick any flash kit they want at any time with a dsi firmware upgrade. i hate to sound so negative, i also want a dsi eventually. but i won't get one until everything is hacked. honestly, i don't think it will happen during the life of the system. i hope i'm wrong =)

    -another world