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    i will explain myself the best i can since i speak spanish
    well i have my 3ds xl with 4.2 and with gateway 2.2 and some months ago i went to the eshop to download pokebank and update some games.
    ofcourse pokebank didnt work but now i have another thing, there says that my 3ds is ready for a update, and i have to say yes or rather cancel. also it says that i dont need internet for the update.
    my GW is at gw 7.1.0-16U and i'm affraid that the upload will bring me to 8.x.x, and then will fuck up all my console, or rather it will update my oficial firmware, so idk what do i have to do
    also my plaza mii says that there is a update pending, and i need to update aswell the console... so please tell me if is safe or should i wait for the next update of gateway
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    emunand does not support 8.x firmware yet, stay on 7.1 emunand firmware, also you can make a backup of your emunand and then restore it in case you accidentaly update your emunand look for "emunand tool"
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    Just keep pressing no