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    Nov 26, 2009
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    Ok, I am using a softmodded wii with coverfloader. There is an option in coverfloader to download covers for the games on my usb, however, there are some covers that I'm not getting. The website that coverfloader uses to download covers from is I went there on my comp and the covers are in fact on the site so I have no idea why coverfloader isn't downloading them. My question is, if I can't get the covers automatically with the download feature in Coverfloader, how do I go about adding them? What size and format should they be in after I've saved the covers to my pc? Using an NTSC wii. Thanks for any helpl.
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    Jul 9, 2009
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    Grab your SD card that has the Coverfloader app. Locate the usb-loader folder. By default, CoverFloader prefers to save the full wraparound covers in usb-loader/3dcovers/ and the flat covers in usb-loader/covers (I don't bother with these, since CoverFloader can use the front of the full cover anyway).

    When you find the image you want on, it can be saved directly into the 3dcovers folder (rename it if the cover you want is of a different titleID than the game on your hard drive - I often grab the PAL/JAP cover if the NTSC cover is not available).

    All covers are .png images. The website should have the correct sizes automatically (you can use HD/normal covers interchangeably). If you're not sure, check the dimensions of the images already in the usb-loader folder. Old versions of coverfloader require the flat covers to be 224 px wide rather than 225, but this shouldn't apply to you.

    That's it.
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    Thanx, this helped a bunch