Acekard RPG Firmware 4.07e06 by gelu

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    Feb 19, 2007
    Unoficial firmware release
    this version has many changes in libfat. so before using backup all your saves and savelistex.bin.


    - no more locale codepages. libfat and akmenu now use utf8 for all strings.
    - akmenu use pcf fonts. in this package tahoma.pcf used as default font. more fonts you can found here.
    - russian localisation added.
    - download play fix. (from official 4.07).
    - fix bug when holding key to list files and the icon would be display incorrectly. (from official 4.07).
    - you can adjust the speed of scrolling when list files. please modify the value of "scrollspeed" at /__rpg/globalsettings.ini to "fast", "medium" or "slow". and default value is "fast". (from official 4.07).
    - fix bug of customer text and pictures in skin. please set the value of "custom text" and "custom picture" at /__rpg/ui/xxx/custom.ini. if "show = 0" means do not show this item. "show = 1" means show the item. you need set the path of customer picture. if the file in flash please use "fat0:/" as the root or "fat1:/" if the picture in tf card. only rgb(555) bmp picture file is supported. for example you can set the "file" to "fat0:/__rpg/ui/mario/my_pic.bmp". (from official 4.07).

    Download here