Acekard R.P.G. loader 4.07

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    Acekard R.P.G. loader 4.07
    Bug fixes, and new "shortcut" feature

    A new loader from the Acekard Team. There are a few bug fixes, you can now set the scrolling speed in menus, and toggle whether or not hidden files are shown. A new shortcut feature has been added, which lets you create a shortcut on the root menu by pressing "Y" then "X" on any file. Download and full changelog below. Thanks to gratefulbuddy for the tip!

    [title:Changelog]1.Fix bug of showing half-character Japanese.
    2.You can choose whether to show hidden files and folders.Please modify the value of "showHiddenFiles" at /__rpg/globalsettings.ini. "0" means do not show hidden files and "1" means show all files.
    3.You can adjust the speed of scrolling when list files. Please modify the value of "scrollSpeed" at /__rpg/globalsettings.ini to "fast", "medium" or "slow". And default value is "fast".
    4.Fix bug of customer text and pictures in skin.Please set the value of "custom text" and "custom picture" at /__rpg/ui/xxx/custom.ini. if "show = 0" means do not show this item. "show = 1" means show the item. You need set the path of customer picture. If the file in flash please use "fat0:/" as the root or "fat1:/" if the picture in TF card. Only RGB(555) BMP picture file is supported. For example you can set the "file" to "fat0:/__rpg/ui/Mario/my_pic.bmp"
    5.Fix bug when holding key to list files and the icon would be display incorrectly.
    6.Fix some game's download play.
    7.Add shortcut function. You can press "y" when select the application which you want to create a shortcut. And press "x" to create it. Then you can find the shortcut at the root of menu. Now only one shorcut can been created. You can change the shortcut display name by modify the value "ShortcutStr" at /__rpg/globalsettings.ini.

    Special Thanks to Normmatt.

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Acekard Homepage
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    Great! The R.P.G. has actually become my cart of choice lately for the easy USB writing. [​IMG] The new shortcut feature sounds handy, and I'm glad they fixed the scrolling speed - it was WAY too fast before
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    I'm sure it means a lot for the AceKard Arpiigii team a lot that GBATemp's mod likes their card [​IMG]

    BTW Shaun, I hope maybe you/reviewers could update the reviews every few major revisions of the firmware?

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    For the curious, the source for 4.07 is in the svn repository.
    There doesn't seem to be a separate download for it yet.
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    Feb 19, 2007
    Is there a support for ez3in1 with that firmware, also what ini files must I leave and what owerwrite to have new features, but dont loose saves ?
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    There is still no official support for the 3in1, The only files you need to leave are savelistex.bin and lastsave.ini everything else can be overwritten, though i'd back your saves up just in case.