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Discussion in 'Acekard' started by dsjunkieman, May 23, 2009.

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    so does anybody know the best way to clean jizz off of your ak2i? cause seriously this thing is freakin sexy!

    ok i looked around the forums a bit but i was does use moonshell but i havent really been able to do too much with the software, granted i havent had much time for it since i just got it yesterday and work fulltime + girl so i so far have pretty much set it up up and googled a hell of a lot.

    i am using akaio 1.41 and like moonshell 1.7. but really my question is wheres the video? does it require some like homebrew startup program or what? i cant find an option for moonshell or video playback whatsoever. tho i must admit the iPod skin for your music and being able to load it straight from akaio menu is cool.

    also is the format for video for ak2i (if possible that is) still .dpg?

    and yet again one more thing how far can i update on Nintendo update nonsense? i havent once but i wanna use the browser kinda while im at work but i just dont wanna render my ak2i useless
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    1.3 any won't stop you from using your Acekard,that's the latest and we don't know when they will stop the ability to use flashcarts. To the top question WHAT? To use moonshell u select the .nds and then when it loads you browse your files to find a .dpg video. Yes the format is still .dpg
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    Jan 5, 2009
    Well firstly off get Moonshell2. Together with the Moonshell2 (in the folder you will download) will come an app called dpgenc or something like that. With that u encode ur vids to .dpg format. Then transfer the dpg files to wherever you want on ur microSD together with the Moonshell2. Then u just run Moonshell2 on the DS, find your video file and play it.
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    Apr 14, 2009
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    so far all dsi upgrades will not make your ak2i useless so feel free to upgrade away.