Acekard 2i takes long time to load up after Firmware upgrade

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by 79TAKid, Nov 28, 2013.

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    Hi everyone,

    I just got into playing my DS Lite again after not touching it for at least a year or more. I bought an Acekard 2i years ago (looking back in my posts here it looks to be mid to early 2009).

    I've never had any problems with it, but decided to upgrade the firmware and AKAIO since I may eventually get a 3DS.

    I was on AKAIO 1.6 something. I'm using a class 6 - 8GB SD card. After reading some things, I was scared that mine may be a fake because I don't have a serial number on it. I have the box somewhere, but it seems that they started doing the sticker in '09, so possibly right after I bought mine.

    I did the Firmware upgrade and that ran fine. I then reset the system and noticed it's now "Pippa Funnel" which seems to be normal, but wouldn't load (I still had 1.6 AKAIO). I Formatted with the SD tool and loaded 1.90, w/ the latest loader. Now when I click on it to load the AceKard, it takes about 13-15 seconds to load. It's very annoying, before with a loaded SD card it would take a matter of seconds and tell you it was loading. It now has a blank screen for 10 seconds, then says loading and takes another 5.

    After that it seems normal. Games load okay, maybe a second or so slower. I tried running the Firmware upgrade again, along with formatting again but no change. The SD card is about half full now.

    Any ideas why? I don't have another DS to try it on but may have a chance soon.

    Cliffs: Upgraded from AKAIO 1.6 to 1.90 and latest Firmware. Now it takes 15 seconds to load to the AKAIO menu.




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    the last few bootloaders were slower. if you are using a ds lite then there is absolutely no reason to update the bootloader because the ds lite does not have any anti-piracy checks that require it. reflash an older bootloader. you'll gain back the bootup speed and the card will remain compatible with the dsphat/ds lite.

    -another world