Acekard 2i playing Homebrew, but no Roms

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by OzModChips, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. OzModChips

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    Dec 4, 2007
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    I have 2 customers at the moment that are claiming to not be able to play any Roms at all on their Ak2i.

    Got them to try fomr DS homebrew, and it works fine.
    They changed micro sd cards, tired AKAIO, and the latest firmware...but nothing seems to work. The Rom will just freeze on the loading screen

    1 of them is on the way back, has anyone heard of such an issue?

    It might also be good to let you know, ironically, we have had hardly no returns for the ak2i, pretty realiable so far ---BUT these acekards are the second acekards both of these guys had. The first time they both got wouldn't even boot the menu

    I will know whats up next week when i get 1 of them back, but the reason why this would happen to 2 people is killing me
  2. Rascal

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    You didn't mention trying the latest loaders for AKAIO. That seems to be the number one solution to most beginner problems on the forums. Did you have them try that?
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    mines the but no homebrew.......but i dont really care
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    Dec 2, 2007
  5. Kizmatti

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    Bought the wife a new acekard 2i for the DSI - received last night - formated 4 gig kinston micro card - loaded firmware 4.16 - loaded roms and homebrew everything works perfectly in her DSI and daughters ds lite.

    If these are both their 2nd cards uve shipped them and they arent working my guess is operator error/ misuse of some kind.
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    May 18, 2008
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    I bought 2 of these for me and my brother...mine worked perfectly, and his did the EXACT thing you described. I went to his house and put my sd card in, but it wouldn't load either (both sd cards worked fine in mine, but not his). So I thought it was just bricking...I downloaded the new loaders -- here -- and it works perfect now.

    I'll also say that I'm learning more and more...tell them to get that loader from that link and try it. I thought that if AK or AKAIO had problems with their firmware/loaders, theyd make an update to the WHOLE firmware download (especially for people who don't have alot of experience with this stuff)...but they dont do that...they just update loaders which you have to add to the firmware yourself.
  7. OzModChips

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    Dec 4, 2007
    Melbourne, Australia
    here is an update

    Got 1 of them back today
    I tried it with my testing micro sd card, and it failed to boot a ROM, hung on the loading screen
    I chucked the acekard in the "faulty box", which i souldn't have done, becuase it not faulty

    I got a brand new acekard 2i out, and tired...same thing.
    I put the micro sd card back in my own DSi, and it!
    So i took out 5 more acekard 2is and the same thing happened - would not boot commercial roms.

    So I got a brand new micro sd card out, put on the latest official AK2 firmware put on 1 rom, and it worked on one of those acekards in my DSi

    So i then put the new micro sd card into my Acekard 2i...and it didnt work

    So, if my logic is working correctly - The save game that is created by the acekard 2i is somehow locked to that specific acekard 2i --- and you cant use the same savegame in a different acekard!

    Pretty shitty if that true, got a couple more customers doing the same thing

    Thanks for the info on the loader dude