Acekard 2i - MoonShell 2 as secondary OS?

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by zackfiles, Dec 26, 2009.

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    Oct 1, 2008
    AKAIO 1.15 is my original firmware, but I was wondering why launching MoonShell 2 doesn't work...

    I know there is a guide to make MoonShell the primary OS, and AKAIO as the secondary, but I don't really want it like that, considering how the roms need to be at the root menu. I prefer organizing everything into folders.

    Anyways, I have moonshl2 and DS_MSHL.nds on the root of my card. When I tried to run DS_MSHL.nds, it said something about not being able to run because of an incorrect cluster size.

    So what I'm asking is, how do I run MoonShell 2 on AKAIO firmware?
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    ???? DS_MSHL.nds ?????

    AFAIK - that file is used on cards like M3 Simply to allow the 2nd icon (media) to run moonshell

    What you need is 'moonshl2.nds' and 'moonshl2_Directboot.nds' files
    Download moonshell (note if you want to run commercial ROMS from moonshell DON'T use versions 2.07 or 2.08 - you have to use v2.06) - & copy

    moonshl2 (folder)
    moonshl2.nds (file)
    moonshl2_DirectBoot.nds (file)
    to the root of your card (alternatively you can use the 'set up.exe' file in the moonshell download)
    then you need to select your language (use the 'languageselect.exe' in the download) & that's about it

    oh.. except some people find that deleting 'logbug.txt' in the 'moonshl2' folder helps loading if it locks up, & if that doesn't work then a re-format of your memory card often helps (just make sure you backup first)

    Some links that might also help are
    Moonshell FAQ
    Commercial ROM Loading with MoonShell 2 & YSMenu Guide
    AKAIO Moonshell2 Loader Public Beta
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