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    Oct 7, 2008
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    ok iv always had an r4, which i like it simple and easy... i like those things lol.
    but because of the dsi coming out and me already pre ordering and then crying over the r4 block i orderd a acekard 2 i confused on how to use it i cant find a how to and instructions like anywhere
    so i need help
    i downloaed the 1.3 final thing
    do i just drag and drop ALL of it on to the micro card??
    do i do the same thing with any um..backups i saved of a game incase it died.... ?
    am i allowed to make folders and it read them? * like game folder, movie folder and so forth*
    is moonshel already in the prog? or can i just use the one i threw on the r4??
    i might be able to figure out after i got that far
    oh one more thing anyone try it on a dsi yet?
    and can i use it on the ds lite and dsi? i still wanna use my ds till then and i let my sister borrow the r4
    so let me know
    thank you so much sorry for the newb questions but im about ot spend 4 hours at place with nothing fun to do so i would like to take it wit hme lol

    edit ok i was able to put it on and place games on and do the skins lol im a dork.. it was as easy. but still wanna know if it works with the DSI and are you able to have a screen skin that is animated??