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    Nov 18, 2010
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    Currently clicking games one by one in OPLM to get it to rename, very tedious.
    I had to do it this way because i tried "fixiso" and it renamed with the gameid twice since all the iso's i have are named "SLUS_3521.iso", after using fixiso they became "SLUS_3521.SLUS_3521.iso" with no title id.
    I don't need the game id (slus etc) because i'm going to be using internal hdd and would rather the list be alphabetical with no game id's.
    does such a programme exist? i've been searching for a while and can find nothing which im surprised about. I need something that works the same as PSP iso renamer, no id's just titles and a batch rename as there are like 400 iso's that need renaming.
    Suggestions appreciated

    EDIT: ended up listening to a podcast and clicking them all one by one to rename with opl manager, but i'm surprised and disappointed a programme like pspiso renamer doesnt exist to rename them without the game id, just the raw title, i'd make one myself if i had the skill
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    Feb 13, 2015
    If you ended up with tons of "SLUS_3521.SLUS_3521.iso", you could have used Bulk Rename Utility to delete from the 9th character of the name to the 999th :)
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