A quote from...

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    Dec 2, 2007
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    ... A computer desk?
    Make a funny quote! Rules:
    Keep it clean people.
    Please keep them about video games, computer, basically, electronics.
    That's about it. oh, and keep your posts low. I would prefer not to have a joke topic spammed up.


    *A quote from a Runescape player* Where's the menu?
    *A quote from a guy in gym class* A button, B button, A button, B button, wow, this is the easiest Track & Field ever!
    *A quote from a mom* Um, honey? what does this strap do? *BE THERE IN A SEC!* Ah, well. *Plays Wii tennis* oh crap, I don't remember that hole in the TV.

    Anything like that, set up in the same way.