1. Silver775

    OP Silver775 Newbie

    Sep 3, 2018
    Hi Guys. I'm new in this forum so i don't know if this questions go here or what sorry in advance :)

    Since the close of freeshop, I'm thinking in buy a new sd card because my old card is running low on space and i don't want to erase the games that are installed. So i wonder what files should i copy in the new sd card from the old one? I have fbi injected in the console , luma update in the last version and b9s. I don't really care in the saves or games installed in my current sd card ( cause i want this new sd for other games only). Also is there some inconvenience in having two sd with different games and stuff? Thanks a lot in advance and feel free to remove the post if its double posting or it doesn't go her ^^
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