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Discussion in 'Android' started by mbcrazed, Jul 26, 2016.

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    I've decided to take the plunge and install CM13 and I love it so far! However, there's something I can't really get used to... the interface! I *think* it uses google now launcher. Is there anyway to switch it back to the stock version of lollipop? I really liked the feel of it on the stock rom. If I can't switch it back then I'll be okay, I just prefer the original over the google now launcher. Thanks Tempers!~

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    I forgot
    Just a note, the Google Now launcher is the stock launcher for Android, and it has been for a while now.

    If you mean the stock ROM for your specific phone, it'd be helpful to know which phone you have. I see two screenshots, one for a Nexus 4 and one for the Galaxy S5, so I can't tell which one you use. If you want a Touchwiz-style launcher, there's S Launcher which mimics the Touchwiz design. The Nexus 4 used Google Now AFAIK, so that'd be considered "Stock" for that, too.

    If you want an older AOSP launcher, there's simply AOSP Launcher.
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  3. Xanthe

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    My personal favorite launcher is the Nova launcher, so I would recommend that over the Google Now launcher
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    I reccomend Nova Launcher over literally any of the others.
    It is single-handedly the best launcher out there.
    I like to heavily customize my software, and Nova was great for that.
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  5. Xanthe

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    Took the words I should have stated right out of my mouth. Kudos to you!
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    The default launcher for Cyanogenmod 13 is Trebuchet. The thing is about as vanilla as you get, in terms of basic appearance. But it has a good bunch of nifty features as well. Go to Settings >> Home (under the Personal section) and select which launcher you want to use by default.
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