Done messed up, switching majors to Computer Science now. Jun 27, 2017

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    1. mbcrazed
      Done messed up, switching majors to Computer Science now.
    2. mbcrazed
      Has been programmer who decided to major in Linguistics.
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      2. BORTZ
        I am an animator who took a job at an engineering firm lol
        Mar 30, 2017
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    Well, to whoever cares to read this, I'm a pretty.. strange person! I was born in raised in the United States, moved to China, and graduated from high school in both countries. (So I have two diplomas) decided I would ditch China to go to University in Japan, hated that, so went back to China. I used to be a pretty decent programmer! I got first place in the Georgia Technical Fair. Then decided programming wasn't for me. I still dabble in code because I do like to see the functions and calls of a system and what I can sniff out of something. Now, I'm working then going back to University in the United States. ( Not exactly looking forward to that) I plan on majoring in Lingusitics due to the fact I have this weird thing to pick up languages quickly. (I'm apparently musically inclined or whatever, so that means I have good ears??) Hoping to do something for the GBAtemp community eventually, just don't know what to do exactly. Other than that, I love this website and have been using it for years! Hope whoever read this enjoyed it!
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