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    I've found these not-so-positive impressions on 3DS from a closed event on this Polish handheld forum.

    Main points:

    The 3D effect:
    - is of the "aquarium" type - brings depth as opposed to popping out of the screen
    - is not instant, even if you're in the correct distance, your eyes need time to adapt
    - works the better the closer you are to the screen. So if you like playing with the console on your laps, you may as well turn the 3D off
    - was tiring for the guy's eyes. He was loosing focus even when he was not moving
    - switching between two screens (e.g. to check the inventory in Resident Evil) is particularly a pain because again your eyes need to adapt. The guy thinks this is a big problem in the design of 3DS

    - some games were on PSP level, some on Wii level. Disappointing if graphics is your thing, especially that PSP is already 6 years old

    Kid Icarus: the guy only played the shoot'em up level which was a disappointment as it was only aiming and shooting
    Asphalt 3D: primitive physics, triangle-starved models, 2D HUD causes loosing focus all the time
    RE: Mercenaries: the best game of the show. Looks and plays like RE5 (with less polygons). Great use of 3D, great controls, great gameplay mechanics. The FPS genre should really flourish on 3DS.
    Lego Star Wars: looks identical to PS2 version.
    Steel Diver: feels like a cheap flash game, should be 3DSWare.
    Zelda: looks much better than the N64 original (although not jaw-dropping). A must-have classic.
    SSFIV: a good game, good framerates, good graphics, quite similar to the iPhone version.
    AR games: a nice touch was forcing the gamer to run around a "monster" to attack him from different angles. Fun
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    Oct 11, 2010
  3. monkat

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    The FPS should...flourish? On the 3DS?

    Yet he didn't like Kid Icarus? The device has a nearly identical control interface to the old DS....just add an analog pad that...you can't really use with the d-pad.

    This guy's an idiot.
  4. pachura

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    Dec 9, 2006
    Yeah, let's accept only good news. Fanboys FTW !

    The guy only played Kid Icarus in on-rails shoot'em-up mode, not in the FPS mode.
    Analog pad does bring much to the control. Having to use stylus was a pain. Not to mention that DS' hardware could barely handle FPS-es.
  5. heartgold

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    Sep 11, 2009
    Opinions are opinions but the eye problem is just him, if he can't focus properly that's something to do with him and most of us shouldn't have a problem. However I'd advise everyone who do have some sort of an eye issue to check out the 3DS before hand, rather than regretting it later after you brought it.

    As he's mention graphics, what's so disappointing about them? He's compared them to the psp and then wii level. Not all games require gorgeous stunning graphics displaying on screen, it depends on the game and stating some reached wii level is a decent visual, is it not?[​IMG]
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    It IS a HANDHELD system, after all. Who would REALLY expect Nintendo to produce PS3 graphics on their 3DS? >_>

    I agree. Wii level= fine to me. Look at the PSP, and Wii. Games like Monster Hunter, Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, and more look crisp and great enough for me to be satisfied with the 3DS's graphics.

    Maybe this review dickhead should have compared to the OLD HANDHELD Nintendo made to compare for improvements in NINTENDOS LINE OF HANDHELDS.
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    Interesting point, if you have to look at the touchscreen in 2D regularly and then back at the 3D screen you will struggle. It feels like the 3D slider was an afterthought in case 3D fails.
    Boss: Right, what's going to be the unique selling point of the new console?
    Team: Erm, how about 3D?
    Boss: Great idea, we can do 3DS!

    6 Months later

    Team: What about people who can't use the 3D feature properly?!
    Boss: Oh..er ... crap. Throw in the ability to turn it off or adjust it.. DO SOMETHING [​IMG]

    I'm not serious ofcourse. But it could happen.
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    I think this guy is just a little bit of a hater.

    I'm pretty sure there isn't a delay when you look from the bottom screen to the top.

    The lap thing is true, and I think the aquarium thing is also true too, but that's not really a bad thing.
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    I am not even all that interested in the 3D anyways. I mainly like the graphical update, if anything.
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    Wasn't this posted before?
    Also, lose the "A" in the title.

    Looksley's Lineup?
    But that isn't 3d at all!
  11. ManFranceGermany

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    wow, this Thread is full of Fanboys.
    3DS is great and everything not positive is just bulls*it,hu?
    I will try it in around one week, we will see.
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    Oct 10, 2008
    To be fair to the 'boys, I read what he posted and it was all negative really, and comparing it to PSP in many different ways, PSP always came out on top, even the PSP Go.
    His opinions though, and I agree with him on a number of points.

    Mii Maker is the stupidest point he raises.
    Nintendo get you to take a picture of yourself to make the Mii, but all it does is put your smile on, you have to pick hair and whatnot.
    Terrible execution.
    Even if it didn't make the Mii look exactly like you, it should try to, then we can edit it afterwards.
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    This is just bollocks, though. Either the guy hasn't played the iPhone version, or he didn't play the 3DS version properly. Not only are the models in the iPhone version basically little more than captures of the actual models, but the iPhone version is actually based on Street Fighter IV while the 3DS game is the "definitive edition" of Super Street Fighter IV. Which means the 3DS game has a much larger roster, multiple Ultras for each character, as well as all the tweaks and balancing that the retail version of SSFIV received. In short, it's in an entirely different league to the iPhone version.
  14. testatura

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    Nov 12, 2008
    probably at work...

    my thoughts also.. perhaps someone put fingers over upper screen while he was playin ,and altogether seems like pretty shallow review. not that i am a fanboy [​IMG]
  15. Stevetry

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    Jan 15, 2009
    op is full of lies of a dumb person that got his hands on a 3DS
  16. Wizerzak

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    that guy is obsiously a hater, i believe some of it but the part about 'taking time to adjust' is probably not true. Mabey on max with fast action on the screen but next time you see a 3d movie, take glasses off then on again and you'll see it takes less than a split second to adjust.

    Also i was slightly dissappointed about he 'aquarium' on the 3d. i was hoping for 'popping out' type. Mabey it was just the games he played, after all there isn't much to pop out while driving a car.
  17. Eerpow

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    Sep 14, 2009
    The SSFIV comment was stupid, and as mentioned before you shouldn't generalize the problems he was experiencing with 3D.

    I hear a lot of people saying that the images doesn't pop out, well that's because they aren't ment to pop out all the time,
    it's up to the developers if they want the images to do so, there are certain moments when they do pop out and others where they don't, because they don't need to.

    The 3DS sends two different pictures to each eye so it is perfectly capable of displaying this ''popping out of the screen effect'', for example if you would play the movie Avatar on the 3DS the 3D will have the same depth and the same popping out of the screen moments as the theater one, the only differences will be that it's on a smaller screen and that you don't need glasses.
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    a- The guy, out of every other person who tested the 3DS, had not so good experience with the system.
    b- He's a Nintendo hater and didn't enjoy that much because of being blinded by the hate.

    Don't hate on him just because he gave a negative overview.

    Basically, he didn't like the 3D. What is understandable since a lot of people don't and not everyone can see it the same way.

    About the games, the negativity was just on some of them

    Kid Icarus, which was absolutely baseless since he just played the on rail section.
    Asphalt 3D, which is just another racing game. And we haven't seen much of it so we can't defend it.
    Steel Diver, which is a love or hate game. I wouldn't go so far as to call him a "cheap flash game" but I'm not impressed at all.
    And, maybe, Lego Star Wars, which he compared to the PS2 counterpart. It's a lego game, most of them look exactly the same, whatever platform it is made for. It looks like the PS2 one, with better lighting.

    So if we were to blame him for something, it would be the Kid Icarus impression.

    Opinions are opinions, don't let your inner fanboy speak for your brain.

    What does that DSiWare have to do with anything? That is not 3D, it's head tracking
  19. JinTrigger

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    Jun 25, 2008
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    I think its a little to early to start reviewing the 3DS this hard....it isn't even out yet
  20. Master Mo

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    This statement makes me doubt the credibility of these impressions!

    Everything else I cannot comment on yet but to seriously compare the iPhone-version of SFIV (not that it is bad though...) to the 3D-version is imo ridiculous.