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Mar 20, 2010
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I've got a 4.3U Wii, everything seemed to go fine with the softmod (I followed a 4.3 Softmod Guide). With that said here's my issues.

The forwarder that was placed in my channels wont pick up my USB HD when I start it with the HD plugged in. I get the mounting device, please wait 30 second timeout (runs through the 30 seconds) and then I get: error! (ret + -1)Makesure usb port 0 is used! press any button to restart. Now if during this 30 seconds I unplug the HD and plug it back in it will pick it up, and I'm sure I'm in the USB port closest to the edge. Also the forwarder is the V58, no way to foward to V60?

My next issue is if I run CFG USB Loader V60 directly through HBC is that it runs games in IOS249 the other version the forwarder channel that was installed during my softmod runs games in IOS250 automatically. If I don't manually switch the IOS to 250 I get the following error when trying to run a game: error: cios249rev18, cios222v4, cios223v4, cios22rv4 or higher required for starting games from a fat partition! upgrade ios249 or choose a different ios. Now I know about the configuring program that comes in the CFG USB Loader pack but the IOS section is grayed out to me. Any ideas or something I'm missing. Now if I manually switch the IOS to 250 the game starts up fine, also I would prefer a channel for my USB loader so if I've got to use V58 as my forwarder I'll stop working with V60 all together.

Next is that all my games are 4 letters for game titles displayed in front of the games, any way to either remove this or have it display the game titles. And along with game titles is the game pictures, I've currently got the ? on the game boxes and forget how to get pictures up. I've got a SD card in but it has be connected to the internet in order to download and display the game's pictures? Will preloader interfere with this since Internet Updates are currently blocked?

Thank you for your time.


Nov 23, 2008

I think your second issue and it's solution can be found there. I modded my Wii using that guide, but as I don't have much knowledge about modding the Wii in general I can't tell if the answer is actually there.. Only that, the Hermes 222/223 guide said exactly something about making the USBLoader use different IOS every time you load a game.

For the title thing I think when you go to your HD and see where the games are installed, you need to have text file there inside each game folder with the game code ex. ABCD12_ Mario Kart Wii.txt and inside ABCD12 = Mario Kart Wii .. That is, if I understood correctly your problem. And yes, covers are downloaded inside the loader from options, you need to be connected to the Wi-Fi and it will not interfere with preloader.

No idea about forwarder as I don't use it .. sorry.

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