A couple questions about flashcards on 9.2 and new 3DS

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by xellspooun, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. xellspooun

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    Mar 9, 2014
    Hi there :)

    At the time I own a 3DS on 9.2.0 and I plan to buy a new 3DS as well. I do not own a Gateway/Sky3DS yet, and I have bought a lot of items on 3DS eshop. So:

    1 - Once I buy a new 3DS I plan to make a system transfer from my current 3DS. Will that mean that I will have to update my current 3DS to the latest firmware (and thus making the flashcard useless)?

    2 - If I do not make a system transfer and use a flashcard at 9.2.0, will I be able to access the eshop and redownload whatever I have bought from there?
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    1. If you get a Gateway you can have your emuNAND on the latest firmware and do the system transfer from your old 3DS's sysNAND to your N3DS's emuNAND.
    2. You *should* be able to just unlink your NNID from one 3DS and then re-link it to your other one, not entirely sure on this one. You might be able to do this by formatting your old 3DS and then just loading your NNID on the New 3DS
    What I'll probably end up doing once my N3DS arrives (and Gateway supports it) is since they will be on different regions anyhow, I'll keep my old 3DS linked to that NNID, make a new NNID, and then use my old 3DS as a transfer vector for all my purchases (purchase things on old 3DS, get ticket.db, download .cia, install .cia on N3DS, rinse+repeat). For me though this is a necessity since I don't think NNIDs can be transferred across regions anyhow.
    For you though I'd just either do the wipe+relink option or try and system transfer using this guide. Wipe + relink seeks to be the easier of the two though, but the latter will keep EVERYTHING from your old 3DS.
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