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Discussion in 'Microsoft Xbox' started by kjaved373, Jan 12, 2009.

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    What is the best dashboard available?

    Having trouble with FTP, followed this website exactly:


    I think it is because I am not supposed to turn off the xbox after I save the settings. It doesn't come up afterwards. another possibility is that I need to connect the xbox to tv while doing ftp.

    Please help, thanks
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    IMO the best dashboard is XBMC, if you have the the latest version you will need to change the skin to be able to access the games.

    What exactly are you having trouble with in that tutorial?
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    Dashboard: XBMC, all play games as good as each other but this is one of the best standalone media players until you build a home theatre system (where you may well end up using XBMC anyway).

    FTP: I think I posted in a thread a little while back but the way I usually do it is to plug the xbox in and power it,
    On the network options do not bother with manual/static address as many modern routers do not like addresses in given ranges (mine starts at for instance and anything lower such as the one in the guide will make it throw a wobbly) but choose a automatic/DCHP instead. Reset if necessary (it should not be).
    Once it has reached the dash it should have an IP address (I set my light to turn red to make this easier).

    Filezilla is my choice of FTP client. If it is new I grab the IP address from the DCHP table of the router (chances are it will be unknown-[bunch of hexadecimal] for the name).
    Not knowing what router you have the address is usually something like or
    portable version:

    Enter the IP of the xbox, the user is usually xbox and the password is also xbox 21 is the port but you usually do not have to do that.
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    Nov 3, 2008
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    Thanks, just need to connect av cable.